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Adult and children’s orthodontics

You can have a lovely, regular row of teeth in very little time. Choose with confidence the professionals in the I. district!


Painless treatment

We use modern anaesthetic techniques.


We offer this guarantee:

We assume 100% guarantee for all materials used.

Friendly prices

That is why anyone can afford our treatments.

All about adult and children’s orthodontics

Why choose an orthodontic correction?

People used to associate tooth braces with suffering, but nowadays that’s disappeared.  Beside considerations of aesthetics, orthodontics can solve health issues as well.  An example of this is when the upper and lower teeth don’t line up correctly. This may result in grinding of teeth, broken teeth, loosening and movement, or even pain in the jaw.

Fortunately, orthodontics is a viable solution no matter one’s age; it’s not just for children.  Thanks to today’s technology, aesthetic, invisible braces can be worn comfortably, allowing a much shorter treatment time. This is a small investment that will pay off for the wearer years from now.  If you smile with confidence, your self-assurance and charm will show on the outside, too.

How will your life improve after orthodontic treatment?

Our teeth play both a functional and aesthetic role in our lives, so without them life is just not complete.



Impress the people you meet with a confident smile.


A beautiful, even row of teeth

Be brave, and smile for selfies with family and friends.


Improved bite function

Your bite can be realigned.


A lovely smile

Uneven, protruding teeth can be properly aligned.


Save your teeth

Avoid tooth extractions later.


Speak more clearly

Perfect tooth aligment means clear speech.

Orthodontics step by step


1. Personal consultation

Teeth are examined and a panorama image is prepared.

4. Regular visits

Every 2-6 weeks, the appliances need to be adjusted.

2. A treatment plan is worked out

Completely 100% bespoke and cost-effective.


5. Retention phase

The desired condition is stabilized.


3. Orthodontic appliances are ordered

The appliances are delivered to the patient and secured in place.

6. Supplementary treatments

Professional cleaning.

How much do orthodontics cost?

For every case, a different treatment plan

The exact charges are “an educated guess,” since treatments and appliances are 100% custom-fitted to each patient.  That is because we aim to achieve the maximum result with maximum cost-effectiveness.

Therefore, only after consultation, and once the treatment plan is laid out can our specialists answer the question of charges.

Prices for orthodontics

Preparation of impression 10,900. Ft
Orthodontic appliance 250,000 – 420,000. Ft
Activation from 8,000. Ft per each adjustment

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Frequently asked questions about orthodontics

Do teeth decay more quickly when there is an orthodontic appliance in the mouth?

An orthodontic fitting makes brushing and cleaning somewhat more difficult. Nevertheless, plaque must be removed, even from the hard-to-reach places. It’s critical that teeth are brushed thoroughly, with great care, and for the proper length of time. Orthodontics don’t affect caries (tooth decay), but improper brushing certainly does. There are special toothbrushes for wearers of braces, as well as so-called interdental brushes for cleaning between the teeth. In addition, it is recommended to use a water flosser after brushing, along with dental floss and mouthwash.

Will I be able to talk normally with an orthodontic appliance in my mouth?

External fittings in no way affect the formation of sounds. In the case of inside the mouth braces, the wearer needs to get used to having them in his or her mouth, but this adjustment period is temporary. After a while, the tongue becomes accustomed to a “foreign object” in the mouth. Once a person gets used to the appliance, talking doesn’t cause any problems at all.

I am allergic to metal. What should I do before getting an orthodontic appli-ance?

Before any orthodontic brace or fitting is done, the dentist carries out a thorough interview with the patient. If someone is allergic to metal, nowadays there are numerous solutions using material that does not cause allergic reactions.  The most important thing is that the dentist be aware of your problem.

Will bonded braces leave any marks when they are removed?

No marks will remain, and that is because the device used to remove bonding material is stronger than the bonding, but weaker than tooth enamel.  Thus, even if the drill head is pushed hard against a tooth, it will not damage the enamel.

Is wearing orthodontic appliances painful or uncomfortable?

When orthodontic appliances are first put in place, the patient must get used to them, since the bands which are bonded to the teeth cause a significant change in the mouth.  The teeth may be sensitive initially, and the gums, tongue or lips may have some irritation. These temporary complaints can be relieved, either by rubbing orthodontic wax on the problem areas, or in severe cases with gentle painkillers. Most patients adjust to their braces within a few days and experience no more problems afterward.

How can I avoid gum infection?

Througout the period when braces are worn, toothbrushing requires the utmost attention. That is because there is significantly less cleaning being done by the teeth themselves, especially in the area between the braces and the gums. Removing tartar is a bit more difficult with bonded braces. If tartar is not removed correctly, a gum infection can get started and the gum may even bleed. Other than gum infection, neglect of proper brushing may result in tooth decay, which will demand further treatment by the dentist. If your gums bleed often or become infected, be sure to tell the dentist at your next checkup.  In many cases, professional cleaning at the clinic is required. On average, professional cleaning is recommended every three months.

Will it hurt when the braces are put in?

Placement of orthodontic appliances is absolutely painless.  First, teeth are cleaned and dried, after which a thin layer of bonding material is applied. Then the brackets are placed in the mouth, all at once. They are fitted precisely, and then excess bonding material is removed.  Next a special lamp is shined on the teeth, which causes the material to bond securely. After this, the band is put in place, and this procedure is likewise pain-free.

How can I tell if I need orthodontics?

In general, it is difficult to determine whether one needs orthodontic correction or not, because in many cases it is needed even though the teeth appear to be straight.  On the other hand, there are problems that seem bad at first sight, but straighten out by themselves after a while.  Have your teeth checked by the best orthodontist you can find, and he or she can easily tell you if you need braces.

As of now, I am very satisfied; my treatment is progressing really fast, and I’m really happy about that. I’m much more confident in my day to day activities than I was before!

Nagy Ádám, age 35

Right from the first consultation, the doctor really appealed to me personality-wise. In my later appointments I felt comfortable with her too, which is essential during a long treatment.

Kiss Lajos, age 28

I am extremely satisfied with the doctor; she does excellent work! Every appointment is pain-free, and there’s a good mood at the clinic.  The doctor always deals with me kindly and cheerfully.

Hatvani Márton, age 30

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Who is going to make your teeth straight again?

I have specialized exclusively in children’s and adult orthodontics since 1993.  That means I have more than 25 years practice in my field.  Over the years, I have solved countless problems for my patients, to their delight, of course.

In the course of solving patients’ problems I have had to design many orthodontic treatment plans for both adults and children, and many times I have seen crooked, uneven teeth turn into a lovely row of incisors and molars.

Your first appointment with me counts as a free consultation .

I stand ready to help your child as well — I am backed by years of experience!

Dr. Száz Klára

Child and adult orthodontics specialist

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