Cosmetic tooth fillings

Natural, long-lasting fillings painlessly at super prices in District I.!


Painless treatment

We use modern anaesthetic techniques.


We offer this guarantee:

We assume 100% guarantee for all materials used.

Friendly prices

That is why anyone can afford our treatments.

All about white cosmetic tooth fillings

Tooth fillings are completed without pain; the filling is 100% matched for colour with your teeth. The fillings are long-lasting and they match the hardness of your natural teeth as well. Proper treatment is standard practice with us; you’ll leave our clinic satisfied — we guarantee it!

Replacement of dental amalgam

Much research has revealed that serious illnesses can be caused by the mercury content of amalgam. In Hungary, such treatment is still available, even though amalgam is on the list of banned materials in some countries.  Besides this, it isn’t attractive, and is very noticeable due to its dark colour.

What are the advantages of cosmetic fillings?

Our teeth play a serious functional and aesthetic role in our lives. Without teeth, everyday life is less than what it should be…


100% Natural

So similar to the original teeth, no one will ever notice.


Absolutely painless

Due to very modern anaesthetic technology.


Very durable

Similar hardness to original tooth material.


Amalgam can be replaced

You can get rid of those old gray fillings at last.

Cosmetic tooth filling step by step


1. Consultation and treatment plan

Diagnosis and recommendation of procedure.

2. Local anaesthetic

for pain-free treatment.

3. Tooth filling

with light-reactive cosmetic tooth material.


4. Checkups

the new fillings are examined on a routine basis.

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How much does a cosmetic filling cost?

So many cases, and just as many plans

To state the exact price of a treatment is “a blind guess” due to the fact that 100% of treatments are strictly fitted to each individual patient.  This is so that the best result can be achieved with the best value for the price.

Thus only after the consultation and treatment plan can our specialist put a price on the tooth filling.

Cosmetic tooth filling prices

X-ray, each 1,500. Ft
Tooth filling 13,000. Ft
Molars/one surface from 13,000. Ft
Tooth reinforcement with glass post 20,000. Ft per post
Temporary filling 3,000. – 5,000. Ft

I got two amalgam fillings while I was in elementary school, both of which gave out on exactly the same day. They had to be replaced, and I asked for white fillings. The work was done quickly and painlessly.

Szabó Péter, age 20

I started to get a gap between my two front teeth, and it really bothered me any time I smiled. Katalin did a beautiful job — it’s as if I never had a gap! Thank you.

Zajdó Gabriella, age 18

I heard that amalgam fillings are unhealthy, so I went to Dr Katalin, and she replaced every one of my fillings. She did a super job!

Fazekas Zoltán, age 33

Who will carry out your tooth filling procedure?

My specialty is dento-alveolar surgery: regenerative periodontal procedures; cosmetic and soft tissue restorative surgery, and dental implants.

For me, cosmetic fillings represent a routine task; I regularly prepare white fillings for my patients, to their utmost satisfaction.. I use only the best quality materials. In addition, it is important for me that my patients feel comfortable in the dentist chair. My 1983 diploma from the Debrecen Medical University Faculty of Dentistry means I’ve been practicing in my profession for more than 35 years.

I am ready to meet your needs with my extensive experience!

Dr. Szilágyi Katalin

Specialist doctor for diseases of teeth and mouth, periodontist

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