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All about dental crowns and bridges

What is a dental crown?

Dental crowns and bridges are the most widely used and best solution for lasting tooth restorations.  Like putting a cap on one’s head, they are placed over decayed or unattractive teeth. We file down the tooth and position the crown on the stub, returning the tooth to its original shape and form.

The stability of the crown is ensured by a core made of nickel-free, non-allergenic metal or 100% metal free zirconium.  Over the core there is a special ceramic layer which, almost like a work of art, resembles the original tooth (in color and shape).

A good crown is sturdy and true to the original, and fits precisely over the tooth beneath it. During your treatment you will not have to go with a missing tooth, because we make sure you have a temporary crown or bridge in place! These replacements generally are prepared quickly.

What are advantages of dental crowns and bridges?

Teeth play a vital functional and aesthetic role in our lives, and without them life is just not complete.


100% Natural

Unnoticeable, just like the original teeth.


You will eat well again

Your chewing strength will be just as before, you’ll enjoy your favorite foods once again.


Never goes bad, never hurts

No worries about your teeth decaying or “breaking down” again afterwards.


Self confidence will increase

Family and friends making a selfie? You’ll smile broadly for the photo!


A carefree 8 years

If you follow all the recommendations for oral hygiene.


Excellent pricing

Affordable treatments at reasonable prices.

How a dental crown is made:  the procedure 

How much does a dental crown cost?

For every case, a different treatment plan

The exact charges are “an educated guess,” since treatments are 100% custom-fitted to each patient.  That is because we aim to achieve the maximum result with maximum cost-effectiveness.

Therefore, only after consultation, and once the treatment plan is in place can our specialists answer the question of charges.

Prices for crown preparations

Metal/ceramic crown 45,000. Ft
Zirconium crown (metal free) 80,000. Ft
Pressurized ceramic crown 80,000. Ft
Temporary crown – prepared in the clinic, price per tooth from 3,000. Ft

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Frequently asked questions about dental crowns

What is a crown and what is a bridge?

A crown is a tooth restoration which covers the surface to be replaced (the reduced, trimmed tooth), much like a cap fits on your head. The result is the tooth is completely restored and regains its original shape and colour. A dental crown is applied to replace larger or smaller missing pieces of tooth; in the case of serious wear; for complete tooth replacement; or when a filling would be too large. A dental bridge is used if several missing teeth in a row are covered by a restoration. (Several crowns together)

Why is a crown necessary?

A dental crown both replaces a part of a tooth that has been removed and protects the tooth from further loss of dental material. This allows us to save the original tooth. Crowns are very stable in terms of shape and color. On the other hand, there are many cases when the patient would like significant aesthetic correction; dental crowns and bridges are an excellent solution for this as well.

How are crowns prepared, and what material are they made of?

Please be aware — important: crowns are extremely natural-looking, so no one will know they are replacements of original teeth.

Pressed ceramic crowns: the base material is lithium disilicate, the most prevalent ceramic material in the world.  A really natural effect is possible with it, and in addition it is non-allergenic because it contains no metal.

Metal/ceramic crown: The base is a nickel free, non-allergenic metal core with a porcelan layer fused onto it. This is a very popular type of tooth replacement, and they do look like original teeth.

Zirconium crowns: The base is zirconium dioxide. This is an excellent non-metal crown material, and CAD/CAM is used to design the base. Once the zirconium base is ready, the porcelain layer is fused onto it. The great benefit of this type is it much more translucent than metal-base crowns, lending it a much more natural appearance.

Is the crown procedure painful?

Thanks to modern anaesthesia the procedure is absolutely pain free.

Will I get temporary a tooth/teeth while the crown is being prepared?

Yes, of course.  While you are in the clinic for the procedure, we prepare a temporary denture, so you never have to worry about going home with gaps in your mouth. These replacements are not as attractive as the real crowns, but they are perfect for making sure no one will notice.

How long does the complete procedure take?

Approximately 7-14 days, so surely 2-3 visits will be necessary. First the tooth is prepared for taking an impression, then the impression is done. After that, a technician prepares the dental crown a with precise fit, and the base is tried out in your mouth. The last visit consists of bonding the crowns.

Can a crown decay just like a real tooth?

Ha If you don’t maintain the proper cleaning rules, decay can start in the tooth at the edges of the crown. This is why it is extremely important (!) to follow the dental hygiene as prescribed, without fail. In addition, yearly checkups will be necessary, at which time an X-ray will be made; together with the doctor, you will look for any changes or variations.

How long can a crown be worn?

It may last as long as 8 years, if you take care of it properly and have regular checkups.  However, it is necessary to replace the crown every 8 years, due to biological changes in the mouth!

I took a fall during a sporting event with friends, and damaged my two front teeth.  Katalin did a splendid job. Flawless!

Kiss Szabolcs, age 29

I had several root canal treated teeth which finally needed “exchanging” – they had to be extracted.  I was afraid the procedure would be expensive, but Katalin and her assistants carried out the work beautifully and at a great value for the price!

Szabó Balázs, age 36

My girlfriends recommended Szila-Dent, and told me what good work they do. Even my husband thought my crowns were the original teeth! Thank you, and I recommend your clinic without reservations!

Marosi Tamara, age 41

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Who will be your medical professional for crowns and bridges?

My specialization is dento-alveolar surgery; regenerative periodontal procedures; aesthetic and soft tissue surgical procedures; and dental implants.

I earned my diploma in dentistry in 1983 at the Debrecen University of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry. I have been active in my profession more than 35 years. The restorations I really like are the metal free and non-allergenic tooth replacements, due to the fact that they definitely resemble original teeth, and are virtually unnoticeable.

With my strong background of experience I stand ready to help you, too!

Dr. Szilágyi Katalin

Specialist in dental and oral disease, periodontist

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