Dental implants

Natural tooth replacements from the specialists.  Indistinguishable from the original teeth. Your chewing and bite will be just as strong as before!


Painless treatment

We use modern anaesthetic techniques.


We offer this guarantee:

We assume 100% guarantee for all materials used.

Friendly prices

That is why anyone can afford our treatments.

All about dental implants

What is a dental implant?

In these modern times, people can have truly natural tooth restorations.  A dental implant is a titanium screw which is inserted in the jawbone.  Crowns and bridges can then be built onto the screw, which gives them a solid, stable foundation.  With this structure, you can free yourself for life from loose dentures, the unpleasantness of gaps from missing teeth, problems with speaking and chewing, and being afraid that your dentures will fall out when you laugh.

Important! A dental implant in the jaw means bone atrophy will be reduced or may even disappear altogether. Thus you can avoid deformation of facial contours — and premature ageing.

How will your life improve with dental implants?

Teeth play a vital functional and aesthetic role in our lives, and without them life is just not complete.


No more false teeth

You can say goodbye forever to wobbly, irritating dentures.


Self-confidence will incease

Selfies with family and friends? You’ll smile bravely for the photos.



Thanks to the anaesthetic technology that we apply.


A treatment that lasts even as long as a lifetime

Provided you follow the prescribed dental hygiene.


100% like real, natural teeth

Unnoticeable, just like original teeth.


You will eat good food

Your chewing strength will be as before, and you’ll enjoy your favourite foods once again.

Steps in the process of inserting a dental implant


1. Private consultation with the patient

Examination and CBCT imaging.


5. Preparation of the impression

In order to make a truly natural tooth restoration, precision is in micromillimeters.

2. Treatment plan is prepared

Cost-effective and 100% bespoke.


6. The new, lifelike tooth replacement is made

This takes approximately 7-14 days.


3. Healing period: 3 months

During this waiting period, the screw forms an intimate bond with the jawbone.

7. Photography session

The first photo of your new smile!


4. The implant abutment is placed in the mouth

The new denture will be built onto this.

8. Time to enjoy your new denture

As long as you follow the prescribed regimen of hygiene.

What is the cost of a dental implant?

For every case, a different treatment plan

The exact charges are “an educated guess,” since treatments are 100% custom-fitted to each patient.  That is because we aim to achieve the maximum result with maximum cost-effectiveness.

Therefore, only after consultation, and once the treatment plan is ready can our specialists answer the question of charges.

Dental implant prices

Straumann implant 200,000. Ft
Insertion of self-tapping screw 25,000. Ft
Implant abutments/covers from 80,000. Ft
Crowns from 50,000. Ft


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Frequently asked questions about dental implants

Is the dental implant procedure painful?

Thanks to the use of modern anaesthesia methods, you will not feel any unpleasantness during treatment. 97% of our patients actually feel no pain whatsoever during treatment. You may have slight discomfort or swelling after treatment, but this disappears soon.

Will I be able to chew with my new teeth, just like before?

You can be 100% sure of this! This is a great success of modern dentistry— our specialists are able to replace lost teeth so they feel just like your own teeth again.  All you will feel is that your new teeth neither hurt nor go bad, ever. 🙂

Are dental implants safe?

Yes, absolutely. Dental implant technology has greatly evolved over the years.

What is the life expectancy of a dental implant?

If all prescribed hygiene procedures are followed, and also the patient returns for regular checkups, certified clinical research shows the implant may last for 20-25 years. This is to say we are dealing with a very high quality restoration which definitely will not disappoint you any time soon.

When will I get my new denture?

Following placement of the implant screw, there will be a 3 month healing period. This is necessary because, the bone and the screw must bond (osseointegration), in order that the structure can bear the load. For this reason, our specialists do not support immediate loading of restorations; the body needs time for real healing.

Can I get a dental implant next to my existing teeth?

Yes, certainly. We can replace one tooth or even a complete row of teeth.

Bone reconstruction is necessary. What does this mean?

In many cases, if a tooth has been missing for a long time, or someone has worn a denture for many years, bone atrophy develops, meaning “nowhere to attach to” for the dental implant. Sometimes bone replacement or sinus lifting is possible.  If this is needed, it will emerge from the CBCT image.

Is the treatment guaranteed?

Yes. We offer a 100% guarantee on both our treatments and the materials used! The conditions for the guarantee are:

  • Follow the recommended oral hygiene procedures!
  • Annual checkup, and for patients with periodontal disease, checkups as prescribed by the doctor!
  • Proper use and wear!

We do not offer a guarantee to patients who smoke, due to the fact that smoking may lead to permanent bone loss.

I am very satisfied with Katalin and her assistants. Everyone was really kind to me. Thank you! I am happy to recommend this clinic to everyone!

Szabó József, age 55

I went to Katalin for an implant.  She did excellent work:  it didn’t hurt at all, and since then, every day starts with garlic toast!

Deli Ágota, age 51

My wife has been a patient of Katalin for years, so there was no question I would go to her too. She competed the implant for me.  Every part of the process was truly professional!

Hernádi Miklós, age 63

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Who will perform the dental implant that gives you back your smile?

I earned my diploma in dentistry in 1983 at the Debrecen University of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry. I have been active in my profession more than 35 years, and during that time I have successfully performed more than 100 implant procedures.

Additional specializations:  dento-alveolar surgery; treatment of periodontal disease; aesthetic and soft tissue corrective surgery.

I am proud to say that over the years I have been able to develop excellent doctor to patient relationships with those who come to me for treatment.

With my strong background of experience I stand ready to help you, too!

Dr. Szilágyi Katalin

Specialist in diseases of the teeth and mouth, periodontist

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