Aesthetic, comfortable dentures prepared in District I. Super price, fast service!


Painless treatment

We use modern anaesthetic techniques.


We offer this guarantee:

We assume 100% guarantee for all materials used.

Friendly prices

That is why anyone can afford our treatments.

All about truly natural dentures

A correct, fair and quick solution

In today’s world,  dentures are among the most widespread natural-looking types of teeth replacements. With removable and partial dentures, every tooth is replaceable; with this, it’s possible to recover healthy chewing, facial contours and a confident smile.

We work with only the top quality dental technicians, and we never compromise on quality. Our technicians will apply the most modern technology in preparing your denture, using the form and tooth colour of your choice; you can also request your own tooth placement (size of gaps between teeth) so your smile will be just the way it was in your old family photos.

The final result: Finely tuned, precisely fitted, easy and comfortable to wear dentures!

Why is it a good decision to have a denture?

Teeth play a vital functional and aesthetic role in our lives, and without them life is just not complete.


Excellent pricing

Dentures are among the least expensive types of dental restorations.


100% Natural and realistic

Closely resembling your original teeth.


Confidence boosters!

Selfies with family and friends?  You’ll smile like a champion!


Extraordinarily comfortable

They match precisely your individual dental arch.


You’ll enjoy good food again

Healthy, normal chewing is restored.


Ready in a short time

In just 2 or 3 weeks your new smile will be complete.

Denture preparation step by step


1. Consultation with the patient

Visual examination and diagnosis.

2. A treatment plan is prepared

Cost-effective and completely 100% bespoke.

3. Taking an impression and designing the denture

Micromillimeter precision for a true to life tooth replacement.


4. Trying out the denture, adjustments

The first fitting, when small adjustments are made.


5. Fine-turning the bite

For perfect fit and comfort.

6. You enjoy your new denture, even for the rest of your life.

With the help of checkups at regular intervals.

How much does a denture cost?

For every case, a different treatment plan

The exact charges mostly depend on the condition of your teeth and mouth, but also on what type of denture is needed (complete or partial/removeable), so in any event you should be examined by a specialist; he or she will recommend the best solution with maximum cost-effectiveness.

Therefore, only after consultation, and once the treatment plan is ready can our specialists answer the question of charges.

Denture prices

Removeable dentures / plastic denture / price per arch 90,000. Ft
Removeable dentures / metal base / price per arch (additional cost for hidden attachments) 135,000. Ft

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Frequently asked questions about dentures

What is a denture made of?

The denture base is fabricated from metal or acrylic, and is called a denture base in dentistry.  Nearly all denture teeth are made from acrylic, due to their likeness to real teeth and their natural appearance.

How noticeable are dentures?

The high quality dentures that our technicians fabricate are totally unnoticeable and resemble 100% the original teeth. Thus your smile can be wide and full of confidence once again, and the facial contour is restored as well. (No more “sunken cheeks” feeling).

Will I need to use denture adhesive?

Our dentists and technicians prepare your denture so that adhesive is not necessary, but during the “adjustment period” it is recommended for stability (this means a couple of weeks)

Poorly fitting old, worn dentures may cause sores and irritation, so they must be replaced in any case.

How does it feel to wear dentures?

When you first start wearing dentures,  they will feel a bit strange and uncomfortable. (Patience is crucial here)

During the first few weeks the muscles used for chewing and the face muscles, along with the tongue are trying to find the position where they can keep the denture in place most securely and comfortably.

How long does it take to get used to my new denture?

In the early stage, it may feel awkward, but this feeling goes away after a while. It is especially important not to lose patience and wear your new denture as much as possible during this adjustment period. Our specialists will set up a consultation with you and teach you how to insert and remove your denture so you can do it  everyday.

Will it be difficult to eat with a partial denture?

The essence of this procedure is the replacement of missing teeth so that chewing and eating remain completely natural and comfortable. On the other hand, it is advisable to avoid very chewy and hard foods in the beginning.

Will a denture alter my speech?

It is quite difficult to speak normally and with confidence when you have missing teeth. Tooth replacements help you regain lost teeth, and teeth have a crucial role in the formation of sounds (for example, the pronunciation of “s”, “l” and “th”)

When you have a new denture, it may happen that at the start certain words and expressions are difficult to pronounce. If this is the case, it’s a good idea to spend 10-15 minutes a day reading out loud for practice. Once you’ve gotten used to your new teeth you’ll speak the same way you always have.

What is a fixed denture?

This type of denture is snapped on to implants and offers the greatest stability; it remains in place while the wearer is chewing/eating/speaking. This type doesn’t need to be removed all the time, only for cleaning.

Unfortunately I lost most of my teeth due to periodontal disease. I was looking for a low-cost solution, and I found it with Katalin’s help. I’ve been wearing my dentures for 5 years now, and I’m very satisfied with them.

Tóth László, age 57

There are plenty of dental clinics, and I’m very pleased that we chose Szila-Dent. My husband and I are both very satisfied with all the services we have used so far. Best regards, Mezei Krisztina and husband.

Bertók Réka, age 48

There are plenty of dental clinics, and I’m very pleased that we chose Szila-Dent. My husband and I are both very satisfied with all the services we have used so far. Best regards, Mezei Krisztina and husband.

Mezei Krisztina, age 63

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Who will make your smile complete?

My areas of specialization are dento-alveolar surgery; regenerative periodontal procedures; aesthetic and soft tissue corrective surgery and dental implants.

I have more than 35 years practice, during which I have given my patients several 100 complete or partial dentures — thereby making their lives complete.  My patients like the fact that I treat their problems personably and with empathy.

I stand ready with my years of experience to help you, too!

Dr. Szilágyi Katalin

Specialist in dental and oral diseases, periodontist

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