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Metal free inlays and onlays

Aesthetic tooth restorations from excellent dental specialists in District I. The reliable, lasting solution!


Painless treatment

We use modern anaesthetic techniques.


We offer this guarantee:

We assume 100% guarantee for all materials used.

Friendly prices

That is why anyone can afford our treatments.

All about metal free inlay and onlay dental restoration

Inlays and onlays are done when decay has reached a size such that normal fillings are not possible.

An inlay is a filling which replaces a missing part of a tooth. An onlay is a type of filling which replaces a much larger area, or even the whole surface of a tooth. They help restore the tooth to its original condition as well as improving chewing and aesthetic appearance. 

When inlays/onlays are made, first an impression is taken of the tooth, after which a dental technician prepares the inlay or onlay so that it fits precisely in place.  Then the inlay/onlay is attached to the tooth with bonding material, and the tooth is back to its original condition.

What are the advantages of inlay or onlay tooth restorations?

With these kinds of inserts, it is possible to achieve a more exact and aesthetic result, so they last longer.


Teeth can be saved!

This type of replacement means neither extraction nor a complete tooth replacement is necessary.


An aesthetic solution

The insert colour is just like the tooth’s own color, and the perfect match is even visible to the naked eye.


Completely unnoticeable

Precise fitting means comfort in wearing.


Long-lasting and durable

Thanks to modern material you can chew normally again.


Flawless shape

An insert does a much better job of replicating the tooth’s original anatomy.


No allergic reaction

Inserts do not cause any kind of allergic reaction at all.

Inlay and onlay restoration step by step


1. Consulation with the patient

The tooth is examined and a treatment plan is laid out.


4. A temporary filling is inserted...

…and the tooth is isolated so it will have nerve feeling.

2. The tooth is cleaned

Cleaning and removal of all areas of the tooth which are decayed.

5. Preparation of the insert

A dental technician’s laboratory prepares the insert for a good fit.


3. An impression is taken

The impression makes perfect restoration possible.


6. Inlay bonding

The tooth is restored with the insert we prepared for it.

What are the costs of inlay and onlay restorations?

For every case, a different treatment plan

The charges are “an educated guess,” since treatments are 100% custom-fitted to each patient.  That is because we aim to achieve the maximum result with maximum cost-effectiveness.

Therefore, only after consultation, and once the treatment plan is laid out can our specialists answer the question of charges.

Inlay, Onlay prices

Composite (Gradia microparticle ceramic composite) 35.000,- Ft
Porcelain 45.000 – 60.000 ,- Ft
Gold 40.000 ,- Ft + arany ár

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Frequently asked questions  about inlay and onlay restorations

Is this method viable for replacing teeth as well?

Yes. Inserts can be used for replacing teeth as well. In that case, inserts on the teeth surrounding the artificial tooth hold it firmly in place. These are called inlay supported fixed partial dentures. Thanks to modern technology, there are numerous ways to solve individual problems.

How long does it take to prepare an inlay?

Preparation of the inlay in a laboratory takes 4-5 working days.

How durable is an inlay that replaces a portion of a tooth?

Since shrinkage is less than a regular filling, an inlay lasts much longer.  It may last 8-10 years, or even longer, and still be in excellent condition.

Can an inlay be applied to replace an amalgam filling?

Yes. Replacing fillings is most certainly recommended.  An inlay does not precipitate allergic reactions, causes no headaches, and it lasts much longer than an amalgam filling.

How do I know I need a partial denture/restoration?

We recommend it in the following cases:

  • If there is a large area of decay, or the broken off part of the tooth is large.
  • If the size or shape of the cavity will not allow a long term solution.
  • If an aesthetically pleasing correction is necessary; the surface of the tooth is discolored.
What materials are the inserts made of?

Gradia (composite), porcelain, or gold are the materials used for inserts. Although gold is rarely requested, it offers the best seal around the edges and sides of the tooth.

Can an inlay be placed on a tooth that has had a root canal treatment?

Yes.  It can act as a seal and cover over a root canaled tooth, thus preserving the integrity of the remaining tooth material.

Do you guarantee the treatment?

Yes. Both our treatments and the materials we use are 100% guaranteed! The guarantee is valid if the following conditions are met:

  • The patient follows the recommended oral hygiene measures.
  • Checkup once every year; patients with periodontitis must have checkups at intervals determined by the doctor.
  • Use of inlay/onlay in the proper way.

I am really satisfied with this dentist! Until I had to be dragged to the clinic, but now I’m no longer afraid. Thank you for your sympathtic attitude! I’m happy to recommend you!

Nagy Ildikó, age 32

I am satisfied, everthing was in order, and ever since then the inlay is fine, and the doctor was really nice. She does very good work; I never felt any pain at all during the treatment.

Kiss Gábor, age 38

Katalin made the examination and offered a solution for each and every problem.  This is quite a big change, because until now everyone just did “something” but this doctor actually put my denture properly in order.

Orbán Istvánné, age 41

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Who will heal your condition?

My areas of specialization include dento-alveolar surgery; regenerative periodontal processes; surgery for aesthetic and soft tissue reconstruction; and dental implantations.

I have more than 35 years of experience behind me and I have brightened my patients’ lives with many inlay and onlay partial dentures, which let them win back confidence in themselves. I am proud to have solved many diverse problems in dentistry with lasting success.

I am ready to put my experience to work for you, too!

Dr. Szilágyi Katalin

Doctor of dental and mouth diseases, periodontist

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