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Our Patients’ Opinions

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Treatment of periodontal diseases – Opinions

I was afraid of dentists because of an old childhood experience.  However, in Katalin’s hands I relaxed completely. She was very compassionate and kind with me throughout the treatments.  I’m happy to recommend her!

Kovács Mária, age 48

VI turned to Katalin with bleeding, inflamed gums. Needless to say, I am extremely satisfied with her. Already after the first treatment, there was noticeable healing.

Kiss Róbert, age 56

I found Katalin’s painless laser technology on the Internet. She is absolutely right! I didn’t feel a thing during treatment, and I’m happy to say my gums and breath are all healthy once again.

Bártfai János, age 49

Dental crowns and bridges – Opinions

I took a fall during a sporting event with friends, and damaged my two front teeth.  Katalin did a splendid job. Flawless!

Kiss Szabolcs, age 29

I had several root canal treated teeth which finally needed “exchanging” – they had to be extracted.  I was afraid the procedure would be expensive, but Katalin and her assistants carried out the work beautifully and at a great value for the price!

Szabó Balázs, age 36

My girlfriends recommended Szila-Dent, and told me what good work they do. Even my husband thought my crowns were the original teeth! Thank you, and I recommend your clinic without reservations!

Marosi Tamara, age 41

Denture preparation — Opinions

Unfortunately I lost most of my teeth due to periodontal disease. I was looking for a low-cost solution, and I found it with Katalin’s help. I’ve been wearing my dentures for 5 years now, and I’m very satisfied with them.

Tóth László, age 57

At first I was really wary about dentures, because I hadn’t heard anything good about them, and I was worried what my colleagues would say.  They didn’t even notice that I was wearing a denture!

Bertók Réka, age 48

There are plenty of dental clinics, and I’m very pleased that we chose Szila-Dent. My husband and I are both very satisfied with all the services we have used so far. Best regards, Mezei Krisztina and husband.

Mezei Krisztina, age 45

Orthodontics — Opinions

As of now, I am very satisfied; my treatment is progressing really fast, and I’m really happy about that. I’m much more confident in my day to day activities than I was before!

Nagy Ádám, age 35

Right from the first consultation, the doctor really appealed to me personality-wise. In my later appointments I felt comfortable with her too, which is essential during a long treatment.

Kiss Lajos, age 28

I am extremely satisfied with the doctor; she does excellent work! 🙂 Every appointment is pain-free, and there’s a good mood at the clinic.  The doctor always deals with me kindly and cheerfully.

Hatvani Márton, age 30

Dental implants — Opinions

I am very satisfied with Katalin and her assistants. Everyone was really kind to me. Thank you! I am happy to recommend this clinic to everyone!

Szabó József, age 55

I went to Katalin for an implant.  She did excellent work:  it didn’t hurt at all, and since then, every day starts with garlic toast!

Deli Ágota, age 51

My wife has been a patient of Katalin for years, so there was no question I would go to her too. She competed the implant for me.  Every part of the process was truly professional!

Hernádi Miklós, age 63

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