Periodontal (gum) disease treatment

Your gums will be healthy again with revolutionary laser treatment, here in District I.!

About gum diseases


Tartar builds up around the neck of a tooth, and bacteria growing in the tartar cause gingivitis. Neglect and/or genetic tendency this may develop into an infection of the bed of the tooth itself (periodontitis).

Symptoms: Bleeding of gums while brushing/flossing and sensitive, reddish gums.


  1. Prevention-Avoidance: with the help of a dental hygienist, the individual patient learns and maintains his or her own oral hygiene system.
  2. Treatment after the disease has begun: removal of plaque, polishing, and air-brushing.


This means infection of tissues surrounding the root, which if neglected may lead to loss of tooth and bone.

Symptoms:  painful, reddish, possibly darkened gums may be an indication, but bad breath, receding gums, and loose teeth are also signs of periodontitis.

Please note this! Droplets infections (respiratory secretions) may be passed to family members as well! Over time, periodontitis may cause type II. diabetes, heart and circulatory disease.

Laser treatment of periodontitis

Worldwide, Morita/ErYAG technology stands alone in offering solutions for quick and long-lasting healing of gums!


Painless procedures

According to our internal survey, 97% of cases were completely free of pain.


You’ll get results as early as the first treatment

This way the doctor can be more efficient.


Shorter time to heal

Laser boosts the activity of the immune system.


Can be applied with diabetic patients as well

Retards bleeding, so it can be used in areas that are flushed with a lot of blood.


Safe for pregnant women, too

Disturbs neither the baby’s nor the mother’s body.


Less stressful feeling

The laser works very gently.

Periodontal treatment step by step

Why choose Szila-Dent?

+35 years experience

That means there is hardly any case we haven’t seen before.

High-tech equipped

We work exclusively with the most modern technology.

100% Empathy

Sympathy and compassion are the basic principles of our work.


Painless treatment

We use modern anaesthetic techniques.


We offer this guarantee:

We assume 100% guarantee for all materials used.

Friendly prices

That is why anyone can afford our treatments.

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Frequently asked questions about treatment of periodontal disease

How are periodontal diseases treated?

This depends on how advanced the gum inflammation (gingivitis) or soft tissue disease (periodontitis) is. The first thing we do is determine the extent of damage to the affected areas.  It is necessary to fit the treatment to the individual patient.  In most cases, we apply professional laser treatment, which is not painful at all.

Does laser treatment hurt?

No. In the majority of cases, patients report absolutely no pain.

How much does the treatment cost?

The exact price can only be stated once a complete diagnosis has been carried out. Every case is different, which is why we offer treatments designed for each individual patient, for the best results.

Why should we choose laser treatment for our periodontal disease?

Following a laser operation, healing is better and faster,  and pain is negligible or nonexistent. In addition, even the first treatment.

How can we identify periodontal disease?

The most common symptoms are bleeding or swollen gums, loose or wobbly teeth, and also unpleasant smelling breath is an indicator of dental soft tissue diseaseel.

How long will it take to heal completely?

This depends entirely on the given situation. Often it can be months before we can say the patient is completely healed. After a treatment/operation one must follow strict oral hygiene procedures.

Why should I seek a specialist for my gum problem?

The longer you wait to see a specialist, the less chance you have of saving your teeth. Protecting and saving your own teeth is much more economical than replacements.

Do you offer a guarantee for the treatment?

Yes. We offer a 100% guarantee on both our treatments and the materials used! The conditions for the valid guarantee are:

  • Follow the prescribed oral hygiene advice.
  • Annual checkup, and for periodontal patients at time intervals recommended by the doctor!
  • Proper wear and use!

I was afraid of dentists because of an old childhood experience.  However, in Katalin’s hands I relaxed completely. She was very compassionate and kind with me throughout the treatments.  I’m happy to recommend her!

Kovács Mária, age 48

VI turned to Katalin with bleeding, inflamed gums. Needless to say, I am extremely satisfied with her. Already after the first treatment, there was noticeable healing.

Kiss Róbert, age 56

I found Katalin’s painless laser technology on the Internet. She is absolutely right! I didn’t feel a thing during treatment, and I’m happy to say my gums and breath are all healthy once again.

Bártfai János, age 49

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Who will heal your gingivitis/periodontitis?

My areas of specialization include dento-alveolar surgery; regenerative periodontal processes; surgery for aesthetic and soft tissue reconstruction; and dental implantations.

I earned my diploma in dentistry in 1983 from the Debrecen Medical University Faculty of Dentistry, and later completed my special examination in Oral and Dental Diseases in 1985, in Budapest. Thus I have more than 35 years experience practicing my profession, during which time I have successfully solved numerous problematic cases and made my patients very happy.

With my background of deep experience I am waiting to help you, too!

Dr. Szilágyi Katalin

Doctor of dental and mouth diseases, periodontist


Painless treatment

We use modern anaesthetic techniques.


We offer this guarantee:

We assume 100% guarantee for all materials used.

Friendly prices

That is why anyone can afford our treatments.

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