Conditions of guarantee:

– Patient must follow the recommended oral hygiene
– Annual checkup, and for periodontal patients, checkup at intervals recommended by the periodontist
– Proper use (of oral devices, crowns, implants, etc.)

Dental consultation including diagnosis 10,000. Ft
Professional advice about dental hygiene (consultation) 5,000. Ft
Periodontal examination 10,000. Ft/half hour
Cleaning, plaque treatment and polishing 10,000. Ft
Periodontal examination 10,000. Ft/half hour
Bacteriological examination, culture 18,000. Ft
Tartar removal, per jaw (upper or lower) 8,000. Ft
Airbrush cleaning, optional after tartar removal 5,000. Ft/jaw
Tartar removal/scaling/polishing, professional consult on dental hygiene 20,000. Ft/60 minutes
Whitening with abrasive agent, per jaw 5,000. Ft
Consultation on oral surgery, aesthetic, and endodontological consult with 3D CBCT analysis 10,000. Ft
Dental X-ray 2,000. Ft
Treatment plan and price estimate 25,000. Ft  (To be deducted from completed work))


Closed curettage, 1 tooth, removal of gingival infection, root planing 7,000. Ft
Closed curettage, per quadrant 35,000. Ft
Closed Curettage, full mouth, note: all procedures are done with local anesthetic 130,000. Ft
Treatment of diseases of the periodontium and gums, plastic surgery for gums; and basic periodontal closed curettage, may be followed by surgery if necessary, and after a certain waiting period.  This is dependent on each individual patient as well as each separate case. Inflamed gum tissue and biofilm on root surfaces are removed, that is, the mouth cavity is made free of microorganisms.
Splinting with composite, per tooth/Stabilization of loose teeth, prior to periodontal treatment 12,000. Ft
Sínezés, kompozittal, foganként /Mozgó fogak egységbe foglalása, parodontalis kezelés előtt/ 5,000. Ft
Glass fibre reinforcement +10,000. Ft
Retention splint individual pricing
Open curettage, per tooth/based on individual evaluation; the gum is opened, and usually regenerative material is required for optimal healing. Additional charge for regenerative material at current EU exchange rate. 25,000. Ft
GBR: Guided Bone Regeneration – special filling of bone pockets with regenerative material, price dependent on each individual case individual pricing
Crown lengthening, per tooth 35,000. Ft
Plastic surgery, vestibule /establish appropriate mucous membrane conditions vis á vis teeth, crowns, and implants/ 50,000 – 100,000. Ft
Correction of receded gums /charge for regenerative material not included, price to be negotiated 50,000 – 100,000. Ft
Removal of crown, per tooth 4,000. Ft/tooth
Temporary crown (prepared onsite at our clinic) 3,500. Ft/tooth
Temporary crown, prepared by technician off site 12,000. Ft/tooth
Semi-permanent crown 20,000. Ft/fog
Post-operative examination and removal of stitches is included in the price and does not carry an extra charge
Tooth extraction 12,000. Ft
Tooth extraction, gum opened 30,000. Ft
Placement of sutures 10,000. Ft
Wisdom tooth extraction, gum exposed 30,000 – 40,000. Ft
Closure of exposed facial cavity, preparation of flap 40,000. Ft
Closure of facial cavity 35,000. Ft
Root tip resection with laser 45,000. Ft
Metal cylinder (implant) single-root tooth 18,000. Ft
Metal cylinder (implant) multiple-root tooth 30,000. Ft
Post-procedure examination and removal of stitches included in prices
Placement of contouring screw 25,000. Ft
Titanium implantation 80,000. Ft
Zirconium implantation 100,000. Ft
Crowns prepared for implantation /  porcelain fused to metal and all ceramic crown 50,000. Ft
Crowns prepared for implantation / zirconium ceramic crown 80,000. Ft
II, Straumann implant /SLActive ®️ 230,000. Ft
II, Straumann implantation/SLActive ®️ implant 200,000. Ft
Restorations / Titanium 80,000. Ft
Restorations / Zirconium 100,000. Ft
/screwed-in crowns, additional 15-20.000 Ft,-/
Sinus lift/price depending on type of material used 180.000,- Ft + cost of membrane
Build up jawbone density from 300.000. Ft
/prices dependent on materials, techniques, and individual diagnosis/
X-ray, per image 2,000. Ft
Tooth neck filling 13,000. Ft
Front teeth (varies according to extent of treatment) 13,000 – 20,000. Ft
Molars/one surface filling 13,000. Ft
Molars/two or more surface fillings 15,000 – 20,000. Ft
Tooth reinforcement with glass rod 20,000 Ft per rod
Temporary filling 3,000 – 5,000. Ft
clean out pulp, one X-ray, disinfection, temporary filling – one root canal 12,000. Ft
clean out pulp, one X-ray, disinfection, temporary filling – two root canals 18,000. Ft
clean out pulp, one X-ray, disinfection, temporary filling –  3-4 root canals 22,000. Ft
post-surgery medication + temporary filling / 1 root canal 5,000. Ft
post-surgery medication + temporary filling / 2 root canals 7,000. Ft
post-surgery medication + temporary filling / 3-4 root canals 8,000. Ft
root canal filling / 1 canal 10,000. Ft
root canal filling / 2 canals 15,000. Ft
root canal filling / 3-4 canals 20,000. Ft
Inlay, onlay / composite resin 35.000. Ft
Inlay, onlay / porcelain 45,000. – 60,000. Ft
Inlay, onlay / gold 50.000 Ft + price of gold (between 45.000-60.000 Ft)
Porcelain veneer (porcelain shell) 70,000. Ft
Glass post (price per post) 18,000. Ft
Post and core in root canal (using composite) 15,000. Ft
Removal of crown (price per tooth) 3,000. Ft
Temporary crown, prepared on site (per crown) 3,000. Ft
Temporary crown, prepared by technician (per crown) 11,000. Ft
Porcelain fused to metal crown 45,000. Ft
Zirconium crown (metal free) 80,000. Ft
Ceramic porcelain crown 80,000. Ft
Removable dentures (acrylic) per denture, upper or lower 100,000. Ft
Removable dentures (metal based prosthetic) per denture, upper or lower (extra charge for invisible anchoring) 135,000. Ft
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