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We are proud of the fact that we have returned smiles to the faces of more than 100 satisfied patients!


Fájdalommentes kezelés

Korszerű érzéstelenítő technikákat használunk.


Garancia vállalása

A felhasznált anyagokra 100% garanciát vállalunk.

Barátságos árképzés

Célunk, hogy mindenki számára elérhetőek legyenek kezeléseink.

We restored his front tooth.

A young patient of ours broke off one of his front teeth playing sports and came in for a consultation, asking whether we could correct the problem.  As the result shows, there is no sign of the accident, much to the joy of our patient.

Dental crowns and bridges offer excellent possibilities for replacing broken or missing teeth!

We reconstructed the whole upper arch.

In this case we replaced a number of old crowns as well as many missing teeth. In addition, the patient needed treatment for periodontal disease. A complete metal free arch/bridge was used, which we secured with dental implants fogászati implantátumokkal for a very successful result. The patient’s special request was that we work with metal free materials, because previous metal crowns had caused irritation.

I was afraid of dentists because of an old childhood experience.  However, in Katalin’s hands I relaxed completely. She was very compassionate and kind with me throughout the treatments.  I’m happy to recommend her!

Kovács Mária, age 48

I turned to Katalin with bleeding, inflamed gums. Needless to say, I am extremely satisfied with her. Already after the first treatment, there was noticeable healing.

Kiss Róbert, age 56

I found Katalin’s painless laser technology on the Internet. She is absolutely right! I didn’t feel a thing during treatment, and I’m happy to say my gums and breath are all healthy once again.

Bártfai János, age 49

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