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All About Root Canal Treatments

In spite of widespread misbelief, it is possible to carry out a root canal treatment 100% pain free.

A Root canal treatment is one of the procedures that save your teeth.  If a tooth is decayed or has many cavities, a root canal can help to save it. During root canal treatment, the pulp and nerves inside the tooth are removed, and a filling is placed to seal the space.

Dentists very much prefer this procedure, because this way, dental pain can be relieved without extraction. A damaged or infected tooth may cause pain and swelling, making everyday life difficult. With root canal treatment, we remove these symptoms in such a way that the tooth may be restored to its proper function and aesthetic appearance.

When is a root canal treatment necessary?

Teeth play a vital functional and aesthetic role in our lives, and without them life is just not complete.


The tooth has already died

There has been much damage and infection.


The patient feels pain

The tooth is very sensitive; there is throbbing pain.


Damaged crowns

Mostly missing, or damaged.


A core is necessary

Now, the crown can only be secured with a core.

Root canal treatment step by step


1. Consultation with the patient

After a visual examination, a panoramic X-ray is made.

2. A treatment plan is prepared

Cost-effective and 100% bespoke.


3. Root canal treatment

Pulp and nerves are removed, and the tooth is sealed.


4. Checkups

Regular examinations.

How much does a root canal treatment cost?

For every case, a different treatment plan

The exact charges are “an educated guess,” since treatments are 100% custom-fitted to each patient.  That is because we aim to achieve the maximum result with maximum cost-effectiveness.

Therefore, only after consultation, and once the treatment plan is in place can our specialists answer the question of charges.

Root canal treatment prices

Treatment / canal from 12,000. Ft
Replace disinfectant + temporary filling from 8,000. Ft
Prepare canal filling 10,000. Ft per canal

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Frequently asked questions about root canal treatment

Is root canal treatment painful?

We use the latest modern anaesthesia, so you will certainly not feel uncomfortable during treatment.  Of our patients whom we surveyed, 87% said they felt no pain at all during root canal treatment. If you are in a lot of pain when you arrive at our clinic, then before the treatment begins, we will make sure you get extra painkillers, to ensure that the root canal treatment goes smoothly and painlessly.

What are the most recognizable symptoms?
  • Discolored, brownish teeth.
  • Rash (spots) on the gums, which appear and reappear constantly.
  • Teeth are sensitive or you have sharp pains while eating, or if pressure is put on the tooth.
  • Sensitivity to heat or cold.
  • Swelling of the gums around the painful tooth.
  • The human body is amazing:  every time it notices a problem, it tries to warn us.
What happens during root canal treatment?
  1. A radiograph (X-ray) is prepared in which we can see the shape of the injured tooth, and we also map the location of the infection.
  2. Local anaesthesic is applied to the tooth to be treated, so that you feel no pain during the procedure.
  3. The tooth is opened and the damaged tissues are removed.
  4. After everything is cleaned, we place a filling to prevent further infection.
  5. After the root canal treatment comes restoration of the tooth. (Amalgam or white filling, or in the case of a larger area of damage, a dental crown)

Important! The filling and sealing of the tooth may not happen on the day of your first treatment.  If the infection was widespread, first of all we must be sure it is completely gone.  Once the infection disappears, the filling will be placed in the root canal.

What is the success level of a root canal treatment?

In more than 97% of the cases, this treatment solves the patient’s problem completely, and he or she can use the tooth which was saved for many years afterward.

Is there any other option besides root canal treatment?

The first priority of a dentist is to preserve existing teeth as much as possible. Other than root canal treatment, there is only tooth extraction and restorations such as crowns or implants, etc.

Restorations are much more expensive procedures than root canal treatment, so if the teeth can be saved at all, this is the best course to choose.

What generally happens after the treatment?

After root canal treatment, for the next few hours or days, you may feel some sensitivity or discomfort, so we ask patients not to chew on hard foods with the treated tooth.  Just after root canal treatment it is suggested that you take an over-the-counter pain reliever. This condition will usually last just 1-3 days.

As a child I heard plenty of “horror stories” about people who had had root canal treatments.  I was really worried that it would hurt me too, but I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t feel a thing!

Kocsis Máté, age 23

I felt I was in good hands with Katalin! Beside that, I am extremely happy that we were able to save my rear molars.  Thank you, I am happy to recommend you to anyone!

Nagy Júlia, age 39

My previous dentist wanted to extract the tooth, but I felt I should get a second opinion. After Katalin examined it, she carried out the treatment without pulling the tooth. I am so grateful!

Boros László, age 27

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Who will look after your treatment?

My specialization is dento-alveolar surgery; regenerative periodontal procedures; aesthetic and soft tissue surgical procedures; and dental implants.

I believe it is my number one task to save the patient’s own teeth for as long as possible. This is why I place dental procedures for saving teeth first on the list of possible solutions. I earned my diploma in dentistry in 1983 from the Debrecen Medical University. In my 35 years of practice, I have done more than 100 successful root canal treatments.

With strong experience in my background, I stand ready to help you, too!

Dr. Szilágyi Katalin

Specialist in dental and oral disease, periodontist

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